About Bohemian Sound

Bohemian Sound offers professional voice over talent representation. We are based in Miami, Florida and are undoubtedly the best resource for your Voice-Over talent search, in the Hispanic Market.

There’s a voice out there, that was born to deliver your message. Our goal is to be your “voice finders”. For instance, you may need an Engaging Storyteller, a Proud Corporate Personality, a Dramatic Tonality, a Comedian, an Everyday Average Joe, a Bratty Kid, a Venezuelan Lawyer, an Argentinean mother, or a Mexican soccer player. We will help you find actors, actresses, or maybe an Announcer with multiple accents, and styles. Our diverse roster not only includes Spanish and English Voice Actors, but also Portuguese and French. We work with Union and Non-Union Talent, giving you the option to choose from a broad range of people, and a variety of different voices and styles.

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